The tale behind ‘Sabuja Korei’, the brainchild of actor Akash Dasnayak.

A revolutionary step of the Youth Icon to protect Mother Earth



Bhubaneswar: Akash Dasnayak, the widely known actor of Odia Industry turned Politician is turning pages of a green revolution named ‘Mission Sabuja Korei’ in his home constituency, Korei and Byasanagar of Jajpur District.

Currently carrying the major responsibility as Chairperson of ‘Mo College’, an innovative initiative of Govt. of Odisha to revamp all HEI’s of state, Shri Dasnayak is directly monitoring, executing and implementing the process of it.

Righteous son to distinguished trade-unionist and eminent writer Mayadhar Nayak, serving people has always been the foremost principle of Shri Dasnayak. In the month of June last year, he has undertaken a mission to plant, distribute and educate people about importance of trees in Korei,Jajpur. A mission he named as ‘Ama Sabuja Korei’.

In last six months more than 5lakhs saplings of different kinds like Mango, guava, amla, sal, shisham, teak, jackfruits, neem, deodar, gulmohor and many more has been planted & distributed among people. ‘One sapling per one member of family’ was one of the prime agenda behind it. It is to be noted that, the little lamp Dasnayak ignited months back has turned into a revolutionary drive towards mother earth now with around 10,000 active volunteers.

Despite time constraint, Dasnayak always prioritizes being accessible round the clock for common people and strongly believes politics is a medium to serve people ‘cuz it is for their continuous love and support he is where he is today.‘’

Nature has the way of life where the cycle of what you give to nature, comes back right at you. Now is the time when we should be concern more than ever about our surrounding. Year 2023 was the hottest year so far in last 1lakh years according to a recent report of Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS) which indeed is very concerning.

Taking it as caution, we have to be prepare for what is coming and the only way to defend is plethora of plantation drives.’’ stated Shree Dasnayak during an event. Till now people of 37 GP (Grampanchayat) of Korei and 26 wards of Byasanagar Municipality has undertaken this noble initiative and it is not slowing down anytime soon. This exceptional plantation drive start off by Akash Dasnayak is being highly applauded by many and putting a mark on lives as well

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