Suryamayee starrer ‘IPS Durga’ will be premiered at Zee Sarthak on April 23


Zee Sarthak Films is here with new action packed movie ‘IPS Durga’ starring Suryamayee. This will be her first police avatar on screen.

The movie will be premiered at Zee Sarthak Channel in April 23 at 6:30pm.

The audio of the movie was released at city hotel Wednesday where stars and makers of the movie including Director Raja D, actress Suryamayee, Actor Sukant, muscc director Goodly Rath, singers Surya Mohapatra, Sashank, Aseema Panda, Zee Sarthak Channel Head Prateek Seal and others were present.

The audience will see Suryamayee in a police role for the first time. The story revolves around Durga, a daring female police officer, who lives with her widowed mother, younger brother, and maternal uncle.

The uncle is a former police officer who serves as Durga’s guide and moral support in all aspects of her life. The city where she is assigned is one of the state’s crime hotspots.

The city’s three major issues are chain and mobile snatching, celebrity drug links, and cyber fraud. While investigating, ACP Durga believes that three different gangs are the main culprits and begins arresting all three gang leaders before closing the case with the expectation that everything is under control.

However, the real challenges arise following the arrest of three gang leaders, which has completely disrupted the city’s law and order situation.

What will Durga do is the core of the story. Watch the movie to know more.

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