Sir Madam Sarpanch: Odisha’s Arti Devi Inspired The Movie


Upcoming movie Sir Madam Sarpanch has grabbed audiences’ interest due to it’s rural based storyline.

Not many are aware, that the plot of the story has an Odisha connect. The story takes inspiration from Arati Devi, who is said to be India’s youngest elected sarpanch from Dhunkapada Gram Panchayat in Ganjam district of Odisha.

It is noteworthy to mention that that an Odia movie based on Arati Devi will also be made soon, as informed at an event in Press Club of Odisha where Arati Devi, social activist Namrata Chadha, Media planner Pranay Jethy and Producer Sacchikanta Jena were present.

The movie which documents Arati’s life hit the theatres recently. The story revolves around a girl who went to the United States to study but then she comes back to her father’s village to set up a library and in the process become a sarpanch.

The story details the politics, make domination and the hardship she had to face in setting up a village library. The events that transpire in the midst propel her to stands for the post of a Sarpanch and win the election to the post!

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