Singer Humane Sagar lands in trouble again


Bhubaneswar: Popular Odia singer Humane Sagar has once again landed in a soup for allegedly distorting a bhajan of Lord Jagannath.

Human Right activist Siba Sundar Swain had lodged a written complaint against Humane and Ruku Suna demanding immediate action against the duo.

As per Capital police station, where the complaint was lodged, both the singers were seen in a video distorting a bhajan.
Reportedly, in the video, it was seen that the two singers used vulgar lyrics in place of the original lyrics of Lord Jagannath Bhajan while the tune of the original song was imitated. Also, the two were seen laughing and having fun while singing the questionable version of the original song.

In the complaint, Swain said that the famous hymn of Lord Jagannath was mocked which disrespects religious sentiments.

According to sources, action will be taken to bar both the singers from working at any studio for such act.

It is not the first time that Humane was in controversy or faced charges. In 2022, he had landed in trouble for allegedly refusing to sing Lord Jagannath bhajans and issuing threats to Odia music director Debashis Mallick aka Japani. Japani had filed a complaint against the singer claiming threat to life.
The singer had earlier courted controversy for his song, ‘Jhia Nuhe Tu Coronavirus’, which compared a college-going girl with the deadly coronavirus. Humane later apologised for it on social media.

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