Shooting of new odia movie Facebook Love begins


The shooting of a new Odia movie Facebook Love has begun.

The Moon Tv Movies presented movie is directed by Ashwini Gadanayak.

Love can happen anyplace anywhere, even in social media, today’s youth falls in love through social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram etc. To depict that this movie is coming up. The movie will give a good message to youngsters said makers.

The movie stars Mahima Das Dibyashree, Shubangi and Chandan who is debuting with this movie.

The movie songs and dance numbers are presently being shot after which the acting side will begin. The music direction is done by Malay Mishra while choreography is done by Lubun Tubun.

Sacchikanta Jena and Bini Patnaik are the producer of the movie. Pranay Jethi is the media planner.


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