Punjabi Movie Budh Singh to Release This Year


Full length Punjabi film Budh Singh is scheduled to be released in theatres by end 2023.

Budh Singh is a story of the inner conflicts within a human being. The main protagonist Budh Singh is a son, a husband, a father and a friend who is struggling to lead his life like a common man caught between the thin line of right and wrong. He does such things in the slavery of the present, the consequences of which lead to his life slipping out of his hands. In this mental stress he starts imagining things which are actually not present. He becomes a victim of this conflict repeatedly more so due his father’s honesty, his poetic leanings and due to rampant corruption in society. The story revolves around whether there can be any end to this conflict.

The movie is produced by Ravi Inder Sheen, Co-produced by Harinder Sandhu and Vinod Sharma and is directed by National Award winning Director Rajeev Kumar. The movie is being shot extensively in Punjab’s Ludhiana district (Mullanpur and Jagraon), in addition to Chandigarh. Some breath taking scenes are also being shot in picturesque Himachal Pradesh.

The sterling star cast includes Ravi Inder Sheen as the hero. The film also marks the debut of Ravi Inder Sheen as an actor and producer. In addition to producing the film and being the male lead, Ravi Inder Sheen is also giving the music in the film. Other members of the cast are Harinder Kaur, Surinder Sharma, Rajinder Kumar, Brijesh Sharma, Preetpal Rupana, Anoop Sharma, Ramniq Sandhu Kalkat and Kamal Barnala amongst others.

The story is written by Anjana-Rohit and Shivdeep, associate director is Satnam Laddi, Cinematographer is Robin Kalra and Satya Prakash Rath and the editor is Deepak Garg.


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