Odia Movie ‘Manaska’ is all set to release in Big Screen


“Manaska” directed by Manas Sahu is hitting the big screens this month. The film based on a different story will definitely be liked by the Odia audience. It has received good support from cinephiles after its trailer was released recently.

The real meaning of “Manaska” is a centralised mind if the human being is positive then the mind reaches the peak of development. But if the mind becomes negative then the mind weighs heavily on life. In the film, the character “Tanis” carries the burden of life on his shoulders in such a state of mind.

Throughout the story, he carries a great sense of life. And it is a story of an unknown struggle to be able to come out of such a world. Shall this “Manaska” come out of the mind of human life in its own way? Is his broken life story really coming out of the corners of the broken mind and opening the eyes of a new mind?

A story interspersed between all these questions and riddles of answers is ‘Manaska’. This story is a psychological and philosophical story which continues to develop in the form of horror.

Excited about the release, Manas Said, “After a long wait we are finally set for its release. The movie is a genuine effort of like-minded people to bring out an Odia movie with good content for our audience. We are hopeful that people would visit theatres and watch it.”

Director Manas Sahu, who graduated in drama from the University of Music and obtained a degree in film direction from the Film and Television Institute and has also experience as an assistant director in many films in Tamil and Bollywood, has directed this story in a unique style. He is very unique in his story selection and direction from the director. While making movies, he always tries to create a new language in his style of making movies. In the past, he made a film called “Antarlin” and got a lot of attention by telling a story in his experiment of pictorial language and for that he was honored with the State Film Award. He has made a name for himself by bringing the innermost feelings of the human mind directly to the screen.

Its story is composed by Dr. Lingaraj Nath, Produced by Bhabani Prasad Majhi. In the film, Ashwani Rai played the role of Mahapatra, while actress Madhumita Barik played the lead role of the film. Along with this, Vikas Chowdhury, the most popular legend of our time and a veteran actor of international level, has presented the character of a Buddhist ascetic in a distinguished manner in this film.

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