No greater love than love for your country: Sara


Mumbai: In Ae Watan Mere Watan, Sara Ali Khan portrays a character inspired by real-life freedom fighter Usha behen Mehta, although the character is not directly based on Usha behen Mehta.

The makers emphasize staying true to the events surrounding the Quit India movement, but they admit to taking creative liberties to craft an engaging story.

Sara shared that there are so many freedom fighters who have not been given their due. “When we talk about due, we do not mean fame; we mean their ability to inspire generations, lead the country, lead themselves, and fight against the many challenges in our history,” added the Atrangi Re actress.

She said, “I’m a history student, but I don’t think I can name more than 25 freedom fighters even on a good day. And there are many-many more, and the story of sacrifice takes many forms. Their sacrifice may not be physical, but it requires so much mental fortitude on a daily basis to fight for what you truly love.”

Sara also shared that there is a qawwali in the film, and somebody asked her, “Qawwalis are usually a declaration of love, so how is this qawwali different in your film?” And she replied, “It is not. This is the epitome of love. No greater love than love for your country.”

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