Mrunal Thakur on breaking gender norms


Mumbai: Actress Mrunal Thakur will be seen in the film Pippa, based on the critically acclaimed novel The Burning Chaffees. She is overjoyed about being a part of a film where a female character is given a well-defined arc, challenging the traditional gender norms seen in war dramas.

In discussing her role, Mrunal shared: “Radha is a character close to my heart. She represents the resilience and strength of women, not just emotionally, but also intellectually. It was refreshing to see a female character actively involved in the war effort, making significant contributions through her expertise in cryptography. Pippa showcases a different perspective, and I am honoured to bring Radha’s story to life.”

Mrunal plays Radha, a medical student and cryptographer, who becomes an essential part of the war alongside her siblings.
Earlier, she was heavily trolled for playing sister to Ishan Khatter’s character. Reacting to the same she said, “I want to break that stereotype mindset that actresses should play only female lead roles and they shouldn’t act in other roles. If people don’t like my performance in that role, they are free to share their feedback to me so that she will rectify it rather than asking her not to do particular roles.”
Pippa, directed by Raja Menon, has released widely on Amazon Prime video.

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