Mrunal shows her multitasking skills


Mumbai: Actress Mrunal Thakur has been multitasking between the sets of her upcoming projects, completing the final touches to Hi Nanna and also completing the shoot for Family Star with Vijay Devrakonda.

Currently, she is engrossed in the shooting of a film alongside Vijay Devrakonda in Hyderabad and Delhi. Simultaneously, Mrunal has recently begun promotions for the highly anticipated Hi Nanna starring superstar Nani.

Mrunal has not taken a single day off in the past ten months, showcasing an unparalleled dedication to her craft. Whatever time she gets off from her shoots in Hyderabad, she flies to Mumbai to complete her commitments to her projects in Hindi cinema, her commitments for her brand work and also promotions of her other films.
The actress has been shuttling between Hyderabad and Mumbai, seamlessly transitioning from film promotions in the bustling city of Mumbai to the film sets in the vibrant film hub of Hyderabad.

“It’s been an incredible journey. Juggling between projects and promotions has been challenging, but the love and response from the audience make it all worthwhile,” said Mrunal.

She added: “Sita Ramam catapulted work in south and work here in Hindi film has been happening non-stop. This combined with existing commitments of brands, meetings.”

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