Mrs Undercover trailer: Radhika Apte is a homemaker-turned-spy


The first railer of Radhika Apte starrer spy flick Mrs Undercover recently dropped amidst wide reception among netizens. The trailer gives the audience a sneak-peek into the world of a woman who was once trained as a spy but now lives a regular life as a homemaker.

The trailer starts off with Radhika’s character being presented a case to nab a serial killer called ‘Common Man’, played by Sumeet Vyas. Th promo has a light comical tone for the most part but it shifts dramatically after they start highlighting how the ‘common man’ only targets ‘strong and independent women’.

Radhika brushes up her combat skills and is ready for the fight. Rajesh Sharma plays Radhika’s handler, Chief Rangeela, in the film.

Director Anushree Mehta had previously said in a statement, “We make spy films and we make comedy films. Mrs. Undercover marks the beginning of making spy comedies. With the film, I want to celebrate the amazing quality of multitasking that is imbibed in the system of every woman and this film is a story of such a multitasker housewife who also happens to be a fun, entertaining and action-packed undercover spy.”

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