Katrina tries not to get typecast



New Delhi: Actress Katrina Kaif who has given many blockbusters making her one of the biggest stars in the industry shared how she looks forward to better herself as an artiste and making sure to not fall in her own traps of trying to maintain or sustain any image.

The Welcome actress said: “I am immensely grateful for the amazing love and support from audiences. It’s truly remarkable and remains a cherished accomplishment.”

“My desire right now would look forward to from here is exactly what I spoke about earlier about bettering myself as an artist. Making sure I do not fall into my own traps of trying to repeat myself or trying to maintain or sustain any image because I have done something before because I have fit into a particular, you know, type of role very well, does not mean that you know that is where my future lies,” added the Tiger 3 actress.

“I think as an artist you need to learn to evolve. You need to constantly check in with yourself. Currently, I’m very conscious that whatever film I step onto I need to connect to it deeply and only then come on to that set and bring everything that I have,” concluded Kaif.

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