Katrina Kaif on her growth in showbiz


Mumbai: Actress Katrina Kaif who completes 20 years in the industry and is enjoying the success of Tiger 3, reflects on her journey from being a ‘total newcomer’ to someone who has found her ‘voice as an artiste’.

In this interview with media, she said, “It’s been an incredible journey, the kind of people I got to work with… The directors I worked with gave so much to me as an artiste and as a person. I have been a part of such wonderful films that have been loved, stories that have been loved by the audience and those they have connected with. I have learnt a lot about myself.”

The Welcome actress further adds, “As we grow and change, it’s gratifying to witness that transformation reflected in our work. The person you are now on set differs from who you were two decades ago. This evolution manifests on screen, conveying your mindset, beliefs, and inner self. My ongoing aim is authenticity, making choices aligned with my present self, ensuring honesty resonates on screen.”

“I’ve always aspired to explore action, especially inspired by female-centric films. In Hindi cinema, I see a significant space for this genre. Through projects like Tiger and Zoya’s action sequences, we’ve successfully carved that niche. Zoya, as a character, goes beyond glamour, becoming a vital element in the film. The positive audience response allows us the liberty to further expand on this in the future,” she concluded.

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