I started with theatre so that I can work on my craft and reach my goals rather than focusing on something else: Prateik Chaudhary


Mumbai: Prateik Chaudhary started his career in showbiz with theatre. The Sindoor Ki Keemat actor was always in love with the craft and therefore wanted to pursue it for long. So, while many of his counterparts started with modelling, he chose stage.

“To be honest I really never had any interest in modelling, I always wanted to be an actor because I love the craft, cinema and everything related to acting. So, in the beginning I started with theatre and began performing live so that I can work on my craft and reach my goals rather than focusing on something else,” he says.

His first show was Paramavatar Shri Krishna. “It was a parallel lead but a cameo. I played the role of Arjuna in it. I got a call from Peninsula Production House and they wanted me to give an audition for that role, I did as I was asked and got selected. So, this is how I got my first break,” he added.

A lot of times, actors advertise which they don’t even use or endorse. There have been many talks around this practice.

“True but it’s fair enough unless they are not promoting anything which harms or gives any kind of wrong message to the society. Doesn’t matter if they personally use it,” he states.

During earlier times actors used to focus on acting. But now with social media revolution and technological advancements, actors have become a product and are ending up doing things in the name of marketing and promotions just because everyone is doing it or because of the pressure of taking promotion and marketing as a mandate tool for an actor.

“I know it’s a bitter truth but it’s a fact. Even though I really hate it, I am an actor, I enjoy acting but social media and all is really not my thing. But it’s important now so I am trying to maintain it. But yes, my first priority is always gonna be my craft and everything else comes later,” the actor says.

Commenting on a question on actors are losing their original self and goals of focusing on craft and wasting energy in trying to match the current times, he said, “Definitely yes, most of the actors are only focusing on social media, which is totally wrong and definitely losing their goals of focusing on acting. I guess priority should be acting then everything else. It’s not bad to be focusing on other things. I know it’s important but acting should be your first priority.”

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