Huma’s desire for destructive roles


Mumbai: Actress Huma Qureshi, known for her acting roles, has turned author and received praise for her first book. During the promotion of her book, Zeba: An Accidental Superhero, she praised the film Animal and expressed her desire to be part of a destructive film.

The actress, in her conversation with a media agency, said she enjoyed Animal and loved the machismo, action, and music. She called the film very crafty and stated that all kinds of films should be made, and as an audience, one can decide to watch or not watch the film.

She also went on to state that she would like to do a film like Animal, where she will be holding a machine gun in her hand and killing thousands of people. The Tarla actress mentioned that, as an actor, it is very exciting to be part of something that is so destructive.

She also went on to highlight that the film had very polarising reactions and stated that one must have such kinds of debates, which is a good thing. In terms of negative reviews, however, she argued that the industry has also been making great films, and by that benchmark, things in society should have improved by now.

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