Highly anticipated movie ‘Pratha’ hit the screens


Bhubaneswar: The most awaited Odia move of the year Pratha finally released across the state Friday. The movie starring chocolate Biy Swaraj Barik Sheetal Patra and Simran Kaur releases in 48 cinema halls in the state.

The Sanlisa Signature Films Production Pratha is directed by K Murali Krishna. A special premiere was organized at Swati Cinema hall where star cast of the of the movie including actor Swaraj Barik, actress Simran Kaur producer Sanlisa Patel, Director K Murali Krishna were present.

This apart several high profile guests such as actor and OFDC Chairman Kuna Tripathy, Producer Akshay Parija, Sacchikanta Jena, Gangadhar Reddy, Arun Mohanty, Pranay Jethi actor Partha Sarthi Ray, music director Prem Anand, director Ashok Pati and others were also present at the premiere.

The movie showcase the story set in the Lalaguda area in Koraput and revolved around the character of Swaraj, who is playing a character of Potharaju, a nomadic tribe known for wearing Haldi in the body and vermilion on his forehead and hitting themselves with the whip and entertaining people.

The trailer which was released earlier shows how his life turn upside down after some greedy people try to use the local resources of the village for their own selfish needs and that affected Swaraj and his family and how he copes with it .

The movie will be released in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana later in addition to its release in Odisha. Many actors from Hidi and Punjabi industry had acted in the movie.

The film showcases the story of an orthodox village in Odisha where following traditional culture is often sacrosanct. The reel life depicts how these age-old practices define the movie’s main characters.

Media planner Pranay Jethi said the movie star cast includes big names such as Bobby Mishra, Chaudhury Bikash Das, Jay Prakash Das, Disco Reddy and others apart from Swaraj, Sheetal and Simran. The music of the movie is composed by Asad Nizam which will impacted audience deeply and will attract them to the theatre apart from good story.

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