Film producer Sanjay Nayak denies casting couch charges, threatens actresses with defamation


Bhubaneswar: Several actresses came out with casting couch allegations against film producer Sanjay Nayak aka Tutu Nayak. Actress Prakruti Mishra and Jasmine Rath alleged that he would ask the newcomers to make compromises and ask them to come to hotels with him.

In reply to the allegation, a press meet was organized by Sanjay Nayak aka Tutu Nayak, who dismissed all the charges and termed them as baseless while addressing a press conference on Friday.

Nayak said he would file a defamation case against the two heroines and the news channel that broadcast their statements.

“The industry knows who I am. I want to thank those Odisha people who supported me, as they know who I am. I know Prakruti Mishra as the daughter of Manmath Mishra, and I have nothing to do with what she is doing,” Nayak said.

“In Babushaan’s case, as a guardian, I had said some actresses get works through superstars, but that shouldn’t ruin anyone’s house. I hadn’t said anything bad about her (Prakruti Mishra’s). But she had since been nurturing a grudge against me, and yesterday she used bad words against me. I have discussed with my advocate and will file defamation cases against the two heroines and the news channel that talked about me without proof,” said Nayak.

Notably, while speaking to a private channel, Mishra had said that in a Whatsapp group, some girls alleged that Sanjay Nayak was involved in the casting couch. He would ask the newcomers to make compromises.
Later Jasmine Rath also alleged that Nayak had removed her from several movies after she refused to go with her to clubs.

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