Entertainment Industry Always Neglected, Rues Ashoke Pandit Citing Budget 2023-24


The union budget for FY 2023-24 may have brought smiles to some sections of the society, it has left a bad taste in moviegoers and cinema enthusiasts. It was expected that the movie ticket prices and OTT subscription rates would be lowered. The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, however, did not mention the budget for the entertainment sector. Reacting to the same, filmmaker Ashoke Pandit bluntly opined that no government takes the entertainment industry seriously.

While speaking to a leading media house, Pandit elaborated, “The entertainment industry which comprises of cinema, television, OTT and state shows had had high hopes whenever the Budget is about to be announced. Unfortunately, our industry has always been neglected by the incumbent governments year upon year.”

Before the announcement of the budget, Ashoke was hopeful of good tidings. “Our industry is one of the biggest taxpayers of the country and during all kinds of trouble like during corona we played a very important role by entertaining the people sitting at home, we were responsible for people not getting mentally ill. So this industry has to be taken seriously by the governments and not only use us as promoters during elections or calling for events, rued Pandit”

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