Director Aswin wants to showcase an universal story through his works



Director and actor Aswin Tripathy, whose last movie Delivery Boy did well at the box office, is ready with his new movie Dotpen: Chapter 1 starring Jyoti Ranjan Nayak, Divya Mohanty, debutant Rohan Garg and Priti Biswal in key roles.


The movie is ready to hit the screens on October 13. Talking to Odia Celebrity, Tripathy said, “It’s a suspense thriller. The film touches the subject of caste-based love, murder and a brother-sister relationship. The film is inspired by an incident that happened in Kamakhyanagar area of Dhenkanal district”.

Aswin with his family

Talking about the movie’s title, he said, “Dotpen is a crucial part of the story and leads to the main incident which happened in the movie.” It is the first production from Aswin Tripathy Films, the production house of the director Tripathy. Aswin’s first theatrical movie, Delivery Boy, tells the story of Partha working as a delivery boy for a food delivery company. Partha’s friend faces a road accident while rushing to deliver a parcel on time and Partha faces some difficulties.

Talking about his new movie after Delivery Boy, Aswin said, “I am nervous because it was a different movie compared to my last movie. I also don’t want to showcase the same type of movie to the audience.”
On working with Jyoti and Divya, he said, “Both are very professional and had worked hard for the movie.”

About debutants Rohan and Priti, Aswin said, “Both of them had auditioned for the role and impressed everybody.” Aswin also worked as an actor in several movies and albums, including Anubhav Mohanty’s Agastya. In this movie also, he is seen in a guest appearance in the song ‘Punei Janha.’

Aswin started his career as an anchor in the industry. After that, he pursued a direction course and later worked in Mumbai in some TV shows. He also worked with actors such as Govinda and Anup Soni of Crime Patrol fame. He also worked as Ad director in Mumbai and directed more than 300 advertisements,

After that, he worked as an executive producer in some Odia movies. Later, he was given the chance by Zee Sarthak. Thus he directed Archita Sahu starrer Durgatinasini 2, which was streamed at Zee Sarthak. After that he also directed another movie for the channel ‘Kurukshetra’.
Aswin said, “He wants to showcase the different story and universal stories through his work.”

His next movie is Udandi Sita, starring Debjani Deghuria, which is waiting for Censor board approval and will be released soon. There are some other projects also, including Shanti Apartment, which will be multilingual.

“We also have plans to make the second part of Dotpen” Aswin said

As an actor, Aswin said, “I will act as lead if I get the script and subject which I think only I can give justice.”

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