Dhoka: The Game of Love will Premiere May 7 at Zee Sarthak


New Odia Movie Dhoka: The Game of Love will have it’s world TV premiere at Zee Sarthak channel on May 7, 6:30pm.

The music of the movie was released at a city hotel where the stars of the movie were present including actor Subasish Sharma, actress Cookies Swain, Abhipsa Bhanja, Prithviraj Nayak, director Tripti Sahoo, producer Kshirodh Patnaik, ZEE Sarthak Films Executive producer Tanmay Mishra, Marketing Head Biswaranjan, music director Abhijit Majoomdar, lyricist Nirmal Nayak and others.

The SPP Production movie Dhoka, as the name suggests is a story of betrayal. To catch who betrays whom, you must watch the movie on May 7 at 6:30pm at Ze Sarthak Channel.

The movie tells a story of how the protagonist falls in love with rich girl and left his childhood love and what is the reason behind this. This will be answered on may 7.

Zee Sarthak is always trying to entertain the audience at their home by showcasing different entertaining movies and this movie will continue to do that said Executive Producer Tanmay Mishra.

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