Boycott Bollywood Trend Baseless: Ranbir Kapoor


Actor Ranbir Kapoor, whose upcoming film Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar is slated for release   on March 8, has dismissed boycott Bollywood calls on social media as baseless. The actor was in Kolkata on Sunday to promote his rom-com flick.

“If you ask me about any call about ‘boycott Bollywood’, I really find that baseless. There are so many negative things coming post-pandemic. Films are made for entertainment purposes, we are not saving the world. So audiences come to theatres to forget worries. They come to

watch films on big screen, to have a good time. I just don’t comprehend the boycott thing,” he told reporters. Most recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan faced boycott Bollywood calls over the costumes worn by Deepika Padukone.

“For 11 years, I have been working on a biopic of Kishore Kumar, the story written by Anurag Basu. I am hoping that is going to be my next biopic.” Asked about the record busting performance of Pathaan, which has earned more than Rs 1,000 crore at the box office, the actor said the spy drama’s success has given a boost to the Hindi film industry.

Asked if switching over to a comedy is more relaxing and unwinding for an actor as compared to films with far more serious content, Kapoor said, “I feel rom-com genre is very hard. You don’t really have a character there to hide behind, you have to reflect on your


The actor is sporting a lean look for Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar, also spoke about the hard work that goes into showing off a chiselled body on the screen. “Every actor showing abs on screen is a very sad person, he does not have anything to eat for three months, so that he can achieve some abs,” he joked.


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