Ae Akasha Tale is a breath of fresh air to Odia cinema


Bhubaneswar: StoryLab Creative Media’s “Ae Akasha tale” announced its presence in Odisha with its first phase of a successful theatrical run, captivating audiences with its heart-warming story, aesthetic landscapes, exquisite cinematography, powerful performances and a few complex yet cleverly addressed social issues.

Directed and produced by NRI filmmaker Subhendu Biswal, the film gathered rave reviews for its compelling story featuring phenomenal actors on the rise, Samarpita Dash and Abhishek Giri, and veteran actors like Ashok Das and Pushpa Panda.

The enrapturing music and background score were particularly praised by many for their freshness in lyrics and music that was directed by award-winning music directors like Gaurav Anand, Prit Priyo, and Ashish Pradhan.

The movie revolves around the empowering journey of a young girl whose life takes an unexpected turn, compelling her to embark on a solo trip. The narrative beautifully unfolds as she endeavours to prove herself
to her father, navigating through challenges and discovering her inner strength; it also focuses on the intricate and profound bond between a father and his daughter. Often fraught with contradictions yet imbued with an undeniable depth of love, this duo is a treat to watch on screen.

The story showcases how the relationship evolves, shaped by shared experiences, unspoken understandings, and a profound connection that transcends words. Including folk dances and lyrics in tribal and other dialects of Odisha adds a layer of authenticity and cultural depth, showcasing Odisha’s vibrant heritage.

“I was so moved by the movie,” remarked one viewer. “It’s a beautiful story about the father-daughter relationship, which gradually translates the meaning to each individual. The film’s poignant depiction of the societal obsession with producing a male heir has struck a chord with viewers across generations. “The powerful exploration of the patriarchal belief that a son is necessary for a family’s fulfilment touched a nerve in us.”
Also, the film’s exquisite portrayal of Odisha’s hidden treasures has also resonated with audiences. “The way the film has pictured the hidden treasures of beautiful Odisha is totally applause worthy,” commented another viewer. “It’s like a visual feast that showcases the state’s rich cultural legacy.”commented another viewer.

The film’s second half delves into the protagonist’s transformative journey of self-discovery as she embraces her entrepreneurial potential, becoming a beacon of women’s empowerment and a driving force for social transformation.

It is undoubtedly a ground-breaking approach for a debutant director who, with his art, has challenged the status quo by creating a women-centric film that breaks free from the shackles of traditional storytelling, empowering female characters and shepherding a bold era of cinematic representation and promoting the cultural, societal and geographical landscapes.

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