A new comedy web series, Tinga Teru, starts streaming

Bhubaneswar: Arnav Productions new black and white silent comedy web  series Tinga Teru was launched at city-based Hotel Suryansh Friday.
The Arnav Productions web series in inspired by silent comedy of Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean.
The series is conceptualised and designed by comedian Papu Pom Pom and produced by Ashok Das.


The series is streaming at Arnav Productions Youtube Channel and every week new episode will be released. It is directed by Asish KR.
The first web series titled Tinga Teru is a story of two comedy guy played by Rajiv And Ganesh and it will be situational comedy where every episode will showcase different situation they face in comical manner.
Another web series titled OD man will start streaming next month. This series will be satirical take on superhero genre.
Both the web series will be a laugh riot said producers. Media Planner Pranay Jethi is in charge of promotion of the web series.


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