5T Chairman VK Pandian Graces Artistic Evening



Bhubaneswar: 5T Chairman VK Pandian was a distinguished guest at the evening event of Ekamra Utsav on Tuesday, where he added a touch of prestige to the gathering.

His presence was marked by an act of recognition as he honored dancer Aruna Mohanty on stage, a gesture that resonated with the audience. Pandian, alongside Mohanty and other dance artists, captured memorable moments through photographs, capturing the essence of the occasion.

Moreover, Pandian seized the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of senior luminaries in the field of art, underscoring his commitment to promoting and celebrating artistic excellence.

A night of art and expression unfolded at the Exhibition Grounds on Tuesday, wherein the The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) hosted a captivating evening, as part of the Ekamra Utsav celebrations, where the essence of language and its role in shaping the future echoed through performances and discussions.

5T Chairman, VK Pandian, joined the event as the Chief Guest, and appreciated the rich tradition and culture of the state, while also promising to leave no stone unturned in making sure, the rich heritage of Odisha is known globally.

The hon’ble chairman also felicitated twenty one individuals for their contributions in the realm of art.

He took pictures with Nritya Guru Aruna Mohanty and other Odissi dance artists. He then promoted the senior artists in the field of art.

The Minister, Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts , Rita Sahu, Khurdha MLA, Jyotendra Nath Mitra and BDA Vice President Balwant Singh, were also present.

Amidst the enchanting rhythms of Odissi dance by Guru Padmashri Aruna Mohanty and his troupe, the audience reveled in the culture woven with passion and grace. Additionally, Kuna Tripathi, chairman of the Odisha Film Development Corporation, infused humor and insight by celebrating the diverse linguistic heritage of Odisha, affirming that language is indeed the harbinger of the future.

Krishna Beura mesmerised all, with his soulful voice.The evening culminated with the mesmerising performance of the “Bubha budhi” drama, resonating with a powerful message about the significance of the mother tongue. Through heart touching portrayals by Pragya Ranjan Khatua, Shankar, and others, the play underscored the deep connection between language and identity, echoing the sentiment, “We are Odia, our language is Odia.”

In the midst of changing times, the essence of heritage and learning endure, embodying the timeless adage: “Language is the future.”

More than 5,000 spectators reveled in the cultural splendor, embracing the myriad languages and traditions that define the Odisha landscape.

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