Trikanya was an emotional journey for me: Barsha


Talented and multiple award-winning actress Barsha Patnaik always performs commendably in her movies.

Barsha as Tulasi Munda in Tulasi Apa

Her debut movie, 2017’s Tulasi Apa, which depicts the life of Tulasi Munda, an educator and social activist from Keonjhar, won six Odisha state awards, including the best actress award. Her second movie, Pratikshya, won a national award for best feature film in Odia. She is one of those actresses who has won accolades for whatever she does.

She is now ready with another movie, Trikanya, which will be released in cinema halls across the state on March 8 on Women’s Day.

Barsha in Pratikshya

Anupam Patnaik-directorial Trikanya comprises three unique narratives, each portraying a different facet of women’s lives. These stories explore themes of companionship, motherhood, and the complexities of marital relationships.

From the set of Trikanya

An Amiya Patnaik Production presentation, the movie features Barsha Patnaik, Sradha Panigrahi, Partha Sarathi Ray, Nishanth Majithia, Sukant Rath, Nivy, Aman, Sijan Mohapatra and Manoj Mishra in key roles.

Talking to Odia Celebrity, Barsha said releasing the film this Women’s Day is a good way to showcase the story of the different women’s characters and their journey.

Regarding her character, Barsha said that she struggled to be a mother and thus faced pressure from family. She said that as a mother, it was a very emotional subject and took her through an emotional journey. She said many women in rural areas face this situation and suffer, which we try to depict.

With hubby Anupam Patnaik

This is the second movie of Barsha with director Anupam, who is also his better half (husband) in life. About working with Anupam, Barsha said that Anupam was a producer during her first movie, Tulasi Apa, which was directed by Anupam’s father, Amiya Patnaik.

She said that he is very knowledgeable and has good communication skill to manage people and groups, which are very important skills to be a director.

Born in Paradip, Barsha completed her MBA from Biju Patnaik University of Technology. She got her break while working in an IT company in Hyderabad. Upon asked by director Amiya Patnaik, who is a good friend of Barsha’s father, she said that she sent some sample clips for their audition, and a few days later, they called her to say that she would be playing the role of Tulasi Munda, a noted Odia Social activist.

Barsha met Anupam during the shooting of Tulasli Apa. Barsha’s father and Anupam’s father were old friends. During the shooting, Anupam used to help her a lot, and thus, she started connecting, and after that, everything came together.

At present, Barsha has been working with the Amiya Patnaik productions, on which Barhsa said, “I would love to work with others, but at present, the industry still needs a lot of improvisation.”

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