‘Trikanya’ Special Screening in Dublin, Ireland, on Utkal Divas



Bhubaneswar: Odias in Ireland gathered in the capital city of Dublin to celebrate Utkal Divas. More than hundred non-resident Odias attended the event organised by Odia Society of Ireland (OSI) at Church of Scientology & Community Centre.

President of OSI, Sambit Misra started the proceedings by welcoming everyone especially members of the community who joined for the first time. He talked about importance of such gathering and the way it benefits in preserving our way of life as well as ensuring that the next generation can carry our traditions forward.

The programme started with recitation of “Bande Utkal Janani” by members of the community and it was amazing to see that everyone in the audience standing up to sing along. Audience were mesmerised as 10 to 12-year-old children spoke about the birth of our beloved state and our culture in fluent Odia.

Children also sang patriotic Odia songs and performed classical dances for the audience. Walls of the auditorium exhibited artworks by children depicting history & heritage of Odisha. There were also professional classical Odissi and contemporary Odia themed dances performances.

The event gave an opportunity to the members of the community to interact, bond and make new friends, especially for those members who have recently moved to Ireland and were missing homeland. No Odia gathering is complete without food, and attendees were treated to variety of sweet and savoury Odia cuisines prepared by members of the community.

Another highlight of the event was the special screening of Odia film “Trikanya” by acclaimed director Anupam Pattnaik. This is Amiya Pattnaik Production’s second movie screened in Ireland after the success of “Pratiksha”.

The movie was well received by the audience who praised the actors, storyline and especially the not seen before endings of all the three stories.

Secretary of Odia Society of Ireland, Mr. Sourjit Moharana thanked everyone who worked hard behind the scenes to make the event a successful. He shared the schedule of all the Odia events for this year. In his closing speech to the community, he encouraged everyone to actively participate in future events.
After the day’s events all were overwhelmed that they have found a home outside home and were proud to see Odisha on the world stage and sense of relief that the culture, heritage and future of Odisha is in safe hands.

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