Title Of New Odia Movie ‘Murali’ Announced

The title of an upcoming new mystery thriller Odia movie was announced. New Odia Movie ‘Murali’ title was announced by the makers Friday.
The Mamata Films and The Nayak Studios come together to bring to you, this Mystery Thriller film MURALI in Odia and Chhattisgarhi language Starring Anu Choudhury, Balkrishna Nayak, Divya Mohanty, Jogesh Jo Jo, Lipsha, Chhattisgarhi Star Mann Queraishi & Rajesh Awasthi & Others.

The movie is directed by Santosh Biswal, Story written by Balkrishna Nayak, Music by Biraja Prasad, Screenplay and Dialogue by B Uttamkumar, Produced by Amanat Das and Gama Sigma.
In the teaser video for the title the makers shown a crime scene where lot of dismantled body parts seen which gives it a mystery crime thriller vibe.
The movie will be made in Odia and Chhattisgarhi language.
The shooting of the movie will start soon . The makers will announced the first look and release date soon. The movie’s story is very interesting and will attract audience. The real hero of the movie is it’s story said makers.
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