Tiger’s memento for Pathaan


While the dream run for Pathaan continues, bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan opened up about coming together for director Siddharth Anand’s spy action entertainer. The duo first worked together in Karan Arjun (1994). It required a special film for the two actors to reunite on screen.

Revealing that it was producer Adi Chopra’s genius to play to the gallery and give the audience what they wanted from the two actors, Salman said, “In our scenes together, he truly managed to capture how we are as personalities. It is a no brainer actually, given how closely Adi has known Shah Rukh and me. Also, the way Siddharth executed the sequence and presented us was just brilliant.”

Opening up on how they always wanted to act together, SRK shared, “We were waiting for the right film, and the right script, because we both knew that while there would be excitement to see us on screen, we would have to deliver that punch to our fans and well wishers.” Adding that it was Aditya Chopra’s idea to bring the two spies from his banner’s Spy Universe together to do some high-octane action scenes, SRK summed it up saying, “I instantly jumped at it because it was delivering the promise of bring together on the big screen, Me and Salman. I had missed being with him on screen. I am keeping the Tiger scarf as a memento!”

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