This Sunday, Odisha’s favorite Jodi Amber, Dhara of ‘Sathire’, to tie the knot at a special episode of Zee Sarthak


Zee Sartak’s popular Odia entertainment show Sathire will have an eventful this week as the shows and Odisha’s popular Jodi Amber and Dhara will tied the knot this week on Sunday at the show.

Sathire show story revolves around Amber and Dhara who belong to different social backgrounds, which leads to them constantly being at loggerheads with each other. Now after all the struugles and difficlyity their love will finally win.

To celebrate the channel has prepared special episode this Sunday at 6pm where the jodis of Zee Sarthak channels other popular shows such as Sid and Jhili from Aama Jhili, Karan and Khusi from Khusira Chunka, AJ and Manini from Tu Khara Mu Chhai, Bishnu and Priya from Suna Jhia and Akash and Radhika from Mu bhi Bijayini wil join the newly married Jodi of Sathire.

This apart singer Taraq Aziz and Bishnu Priya will make the show musical with their performance.

Zee Sarthak Chief Pratik Seal said that “We respect our audience thoughts and feeling with our shows contest and try to provide entertainment. Marriage is a special event and in our show we will try to showcase that with all the excitement and whole Zee Sarthak family will join together to celebrate that.”
So check the episode of Sathire at Zee Sarthak this Sunday at 6PM.

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