This New Year all Zee Sarthak shows will bring new twist and turns


Bhubaneswar: Zee Sarthak Channel is ready tow welcome new year with new angles at their all the shows. The shows Sandhya Ragini, Tu Mora Saathire, Suna Jhia, Shakti, Tu Khara Mu Chaai, Khusira Shanka will have new turns.

Sandhya Ragini is a story of Jasoda who takes in her niece Ragini after her estranged sister Debaki dies but Ragini struggles with the rigid traditions of Jahoda’s house. Will both world collide or will the family ties prevail.
Tu Mora Sathire is story of Dhara’s relentless quest to pursue justice for her father’s death, strains her marriage with Amber. Will their marriage survive the trials and tribulations that come their way?

Suna Jhia is the journey of an ordinary girl, Gauri, who aspires to be a BDO officer. Abandoned by her father during her childhood, the show depicts the trials and tribulations she undergoes to prove her worth.

Shakti is story of A kind-hearted girl, Shakti, gets caught up in a long-standing familial feud with Shiv’s family. Will she be able to end the feud while tackling the upheavals of her relationship with Shiv?

Tu Khara Mun Chaai is a story of Manini, a chirpy girl, aspires to become an actor. A comedy of errors leads to her marrying Abhimanyu, a rich businessman, with a large family. Will she succeed in managing a big household?

Khusi Ra Chunka is an obese girl, aspires to launch a cloud kitchen offering traditional delicacies of Odisha. She meets Karan, a successful restauranter, who partners with her to help her achieve her goals.&nbsp

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