The Flash trailer: Barry meets Supergirl, takes advice from Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton


The final trailer for the DCEU superhero drama The Flash starring Ezra Miller focuses on how Barry’s relentless pursuit to change the past and save his mother causes so many other repercussions for the world.

The first is that he meets up with his past self and the two Barrys have to take on a world without superheroes as General Zod returns to wreak havoc on Earth.

The upcoming movie, directed by Andy Muschietti, shows how The Flash aka Barry is ruled by emotion when he figures he can use his speed to travel back in time.

He even tells Ben Affleck’s Batman, “I can even save your parents.” He doesn’t seem convinced.

But he goes ahead with his plan to be with his late mother again.

In the past, he runs into another version of himself as he explains what he’s trying to do.

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