Special song Shri Jagannath Ashtakam released on World Music Day


On the occasion of World Music Day, a special song Shri Jagannath Ashtakam, dedicated to the praise of Lord Jagannath was released. The song was released in Puri Wednesday in the presence of its singer, composer and producer.

On his visit to Jagannath temple, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu recited the most important hymns of Lord Jagannath, the Ashtakam. The merit of reciting the sacred Jagannath Ashtakam carefully is such that one becomes sinless and pure-hearted and gains entrance to Vishnuloka. The song Jagannath Astakam will be a celebration for the devotees of Jagannath and a treat for music lovers.

The music of the same was recorded at Usha Uthup Ji’s studio “Vibrations” Abhijeet Mishra & Jayati Chakraborty sang the song. It was produced by Starmanch – Kolkata (Randeep Bhattacharya)

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