Shruti at ease with negative comments


Mumbai: Actress Shruti Haasan’s love for black is evident on her social media, where she often attracts trolls. She admits that her life choices, including a nose surgery years ago, often attract trolls who call her a witch, but she isn’t offended.

Shruti says, “If you call me ‘chudail,’ I take it as a compliment. A woman who defies expectations and is not afraid of judgement is what was historically called a witch. I grew up wearing black and having a metal head. Heavy metal isn’t just music, it’s medicine. It helps me channel my energy and focus on my power as a human being. When I get comments like ‘yeh toh chudail ban gayi’ on my social media posts, that’s fine with me.”

The actress also often gets trolled for a nose surgery that she underwent years ago. She says, “I had a deviated septum, and my doctor asked me if I just wanted to fix the septum or also make my nose prettier, and I opted for both because it’s my face and that’s how I wanted to look. Then people started commenting on how I am not a natural beauty. Yes, I am not, but I like how I look when I see the mirror, and that is what matters.”





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