Selfiee Trailer: Akshay Kumar gives ‘aam aadmi’ Emraan Hashmi a tough fight, tells ‘his side of the story’


Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi’s new movie ‘Selfiee’ second trailer is out. It shows the duo locking horns despite Emraan’s character being Akshay’s biggest fan in the movie.

The trailer opens with Emraan standing amidst a huge crowd to get a single glimpse of his favourite actor Vijay Kumar (Akshay Kumar). As they get into a tussle, Emraan’s cop avatar is seen telling Akshay, Raavan got the courage to fight with Ram because he was his devotee, I have found the courage to fight with you from you.”

It shows what went wrong between them as RTO inspector Omprakash Agarwal (Emraan Hashmi) asks Vijay Kumar (Akshay Kumar) to get down from his car after speeding on the roads of Bhopal without even having a driving license. It shows how the fans of actor Vijay Kumar target Omprakash for clashing with their star and attack his house, which leaves his son injured. It ends with Akshay addressing a bunch of media persons, claiming that it is his turn to tell his story now.

Selfiee is the official Hindi remake of the Malayalam film Driving License, which starred Prithviraj and Suraj Venjaramoodu in lead roles. The film is set to release in theatres on February 24.

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