Selena Gomez Becomes First Woman With 400 Million Followers On Instagram


Popular Singer-ActorSelena Gomez has surpassed instagram celeb Kylie Jenner to become the first woman with max followers on the popular social media photo sharing site. Reports suggest that the Kardashian Jenner family member ended up losing followers because of allegedly bullying the sensational pop star Selena amid the Hailey Bieber feud.

Celebrations are currently in order as Selena becomes the first woman to gain 400 million followers on the social media platform.

Selena Gomez, who is quite active on social media and shares unfiltered posts, is now the first and only woman to achieve 400 million followers on Instagram. It has been reported that the Hailey Bieber drama helped her gain more attention. Selena is currently ranked at the third position overall, behind football legends Cristiano Ronaldo (562 million) and Lionel Messi (442 million) in the list of most followed celebs on Instagram.

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