Priyanka Chopra says she was terrified when 6 of her films flopped


Bollywood beauty with expanding wings in hollywood, Priyanka Chopra recently opened about her struggles in Bollywood and how she felt cornered leading up to her move to the US.

In the same chat with, Priyanka also spoke about how she and her mother were really concerned when she had a string of flops in 2008.

The Citadel actor said that she was fully aware that since she was not a ‘nepo baby’, no one was going to support her career despite the flops.

Priyanka said that in 2008 she had a magazine cover which said ‘finished’ on her face. “I was panicked, my mum was panicked. She comes to me and goes, ‘you are going to be 30 soon. That’s old in this industry. They want to work with 20- year olds so you need to think about a revenue stream if you are going to sustain yourself’,” she shared.

Priyanka said that it was because of this conversation that she got into production.

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