Premiere show of Operation 12/17 saw a huge footfall of fans


Bhubaneswar: Bhoomika Dash and Shreyan starrer Operation 12/17 special premiere was organized by makers at Maharaja cinema hall on Thursday. The movie will be released in cinema halls on International Women’s day.

The premiere show saw huge gathering of fans to watch their favourite stars especially actress Bhoomika Dash and actors Shreyan.

The premiere show saw presence of stars of the movie including eminent guests such as director Basant Sahu, Director Aswin Tripathy, Biranchi Narayan Panda, Dilip Srichandan, Aswin Tripathy, and others were present.

Directed by Sudhanshu Mohan Sahoo, the movie is presented by Sai Lumbini Productions. The film’s story is based on the life of an Indian Army officer and his family.
The movie showcases the fight of a woman who takes on the system to prove that her husband is alive.

In the movie apart from Bhoomika and Shreyan, Choudhary Jay Prakash Dash, Amar Mahapatra, Dushmanta, Pankaj Mohanty, Lopamudra and child artist Saanvi are also playing important roles.

Bhoomika said, “This movie will inspire many women to take a stand for themselves, raise a voice wherever required for a change for the better.”

Produced by Subhra Pattnaik and written by Dwipayam Pattnaik, the movie has its cinematography done by The Kerala Story famed DoP Prashtunu.

The Director of Photography is done by Kerala Story fame Prashtunu Mahapatra. The Dialogues are written by Dilip Choudhary. The Music Director is Baidyanath Das. Pranay Jethi is the media planner.

The songs of the movie Mo Khojibathu Paigali Besi’ and Vande Mataram are doing well in social media. The songs of the movie were sung by Humane Sagar, Rituraj Mohanty, Satyajeet Pradhan, Aseema Panda and Ananya Sritam Nanda

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