‘Pratha’ suffers withdrawal of movie from cinema halls due to protests by Manoj Mishra supporters.

The makers Sanlisa Signature Films filed a complaint at Jharsuguda police station in Jharsuguda against the protestors



Bhubaneswar: Ollywood industry is facing a internal crisis and thus affecting new movies too.

New Odia movie Pratha which released in cinema halls across the state on Friday and produced by Sanlisa Patel under Sanlisa Signature Films, saw some protest during the screening of the movie in Shiva Eyelex Hall in Jharsuguda, some of the protester came as member of Koshal Sena (also called themselves Manoj Mishra Supporters) and remove and tear out the posters.

Sanlisa Patel Saturday at a press meet informed that that on Friday night she got a phone call from her friends that there is no show in book my show app while booking ticket. She informed the distributor, and they has also no answer.

The makers Sanlisa Signature Films filed a complaint at Jharsuguda police station in Jharsuguda against the protestor who tear out our poster from theater and threaten the hall owner to drop the movie.

According to the complaint Yesterday the makes got the information from distributor at 3:45 pm that some bikers came and do the protest against Pratha movie and tear out the poster.

“They are Doing the protest with Slogan “Ban Odia Film” and threaten hall owner and the same time some of my family member are in the theater when they came out they have also arguments with them and also use slangs word and violence activities it is very painful for me. Also they are doing negative digital media propaganda” Sanlisa said.

“Due to that in Night we see our movie dropped from theater and our distributor says due to protest your film dropped.”

“For the above said reason we have mentally harassment and having huge financial loss for that Reason Koshal Sena & Manoj Mishra Supporter are full Responsible” Sanlisa said in FIR.

She said “Kindly look into it and need your support and intervention to take the corrective action against Koshal Sena & Manoj Mishra Supporter. We are also getting threating message from some person and also in future if there is anything happen they will be only responsible.”

Makers also wrote letter to Odisha Film Producers Association about Movie Withdraw from Jharsuguda (Shiva & EYLEX Talkies) due to protestors.

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