‘People misunderstand honesty’-Mukesh Chhabra reveals Salman Khan’s simple life in 1 BHK flat


Bollywood hunk Salman Khan is one of the country’s top stars. He has a huge fan following all around the country. While Salman is often seen in a larger-than-life aura in the screen space, he lives a relatively humble life away from the bling. Salman’s close friend and bollywood casting honcho Mukesh Chhabra, spoke on how the public frequently misunderstands the superstar.

During a podcast interview, Mukesh mentioned that Salman is one of the most helpful people in the industry, he is always accessible for everyone, and would even pick up the phone at 3 a.m. “Very few people know that where he lives, it’s actually a 1BHK apartment. It has one sofa, a dining table, a small area where he talks to people, a small gym and a room. That is Salman Khan, the biggest star of this country. He leads an extremely simple life,” Mukesh was quoted as saying.

He added, “Salman doesn’t fancy brands or is into buying expensive things. He will eat everything, he lives a normal life.” Calling Salman Khan ‘Bhagwaan ka banda’, Mukesh added that the actor has pressure to maintain the stardom, just like Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan.”
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