Odia Actress Ragini Sutradhar Adopts New Name “Raagini Sutradhar” Following Numerological Insights



Bhubaneswar: Odia actress Raagini Sutradhar has adopted a new stage name by adding an “A” to her original name, “Ragini.”

This personal and professional shift was driven by numerological factors, which she believes will bring harmony to her life. Born in a Bengali Hindu family, Raagini is the daughter of Sahadeb and Anjali Sutradhar.

She has gained recognition for her performances in films like “Mu Eka Tumara” and “Shanti Apartment Flat No. 203.” Raagini’s decision to change her name reflects her strong belief in the principles of numerology.

Her decision to alter her professional identity underscores her belief in the significance of numerological harmony. In a recent statement, Raagini Sutradhar shared insights into her rationale for the name change: “After thoughtful reflection and consultation with numerology experts, I have decided to adopt the name ‘Raagini Sutradhar’.

This adjustment reflects my journey toward embracing positive energies and signifies a new chapter in my career.”

Raagini Sutradhar’s choice of name change has sparked conversations within the entertainment industry. Sutradhar’s devoted fanbase and her reception for adaptability suggest that her decision to adopt a new name could mark a significant step in her artistic path.

She was last seen in Aswin Tripathy directed movie Shanti Apartment which released on February 2.

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