New song ‘Bhala Ate Lagu Kahin’ from ‘Dotpen’ released


The makers of new Odia upcoming Odia movie Dotpen: Chapter 1 released new song of the movie ‘Bhala Ate Lagu Kahin’ on Friday.

The video song shows love story of Divya Mohanty and Rohan Garg in the movie. The song is sung by Gaurav Anand and Arpita Choudhury and composed by Somesh Satpathy

The movie stars Jyotiranjan Nayak, Divya Mohanty, Rohan Garg, Priti Biswal and others. Amara Muzic is the official music label of the channel.

Earlier makers had released two other songs of the movie Punei Janha and Heigala Prema which was liked by audience very much
They also had released the trailer of the movie which showecase glimpse pf the story which showcase the lopve between two people of different caste and how that create problem. It also showcase bonding between Brother & sister. How a brother take Revenge for his Sister & through which step he is going that is the story behind DOTPEN.
Why & how Brother taking Revenge for his sister. After watching full film clarification came step by step. Dotpen is Directed and Produced by Aswin Tripathy.

Earlier the makers had released the teaser of the movie. The makers had also released tow songs of the movie ‘Punei Janha’ and ‘Heigala Prema’.

Punei Janha’ is an item sing starring Supriya Lenka who is doing her first item song and Heigala Prema’ is a romantic song between Jyoti Ranjan Nayak and Prite Biswal character in the movie.

The makes had released looks of Jyotiranjan, Divya Mohanty, Rohan Garg and Priti Biswal who are playing key role in the movie.
“The biggest suspense of life is that you don’t know who is praying for you and who is playing with you” shared makers of the movie.

The movie is produced under the banner of Aswin Tripathy Films in association Shree Birbal Entertainment.

The movie stars Jyotiranjan Nayak, Divya Mohanty, Supriya Nayak and others. The movie is directed and produced by Aswin Tripathy.

The director Aswin Tripathy last released movie Delivery Boy done great at box office and this new movie first look released made fans more exciting as they will a good suspense thriller movie

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