My Animal character is a ‘family man’: Bobby


New Delhi: Actor Bobby Deol, who is receiving praise for playing the antagonist in Animal, Thursday, said he didn’t look at his character as a villain but as someone with childhood trauma.

“I didn’t think of my character as a villain. I saw my character as a child who was traumatised when he saw his grandfather committing suicide, so he loses his voice. He swears to avenge his grandfather’s death. He is very family oriented. He is also romantic, he has three wives. He can kill and also get killed for his family,” the actor said during a media session.

“The characters in this movie… the animal in them has woken up. They are all like animals. That’s why there’s violence. This is a family drama, a father-son story, and family relationships. It is a reflection of what happens in a society. Definitely action like that is visually created so that people get intrigued but that kind of action, that kind of violence exists in our society,” he added.

“I’m an actor, I’m not trying to promote any kind of thing. I’m just an actor portraying something and if the film makes you aware of what is happening around you, it’s the beauty of that,” he ends.

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