Military training must be made compulsory. Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai: National Award winning Actress Kangana Ranaut has voiced her strong belief that compulsory military training should be introduced in the country following graduation.

According to her, this initiative would effectively eliminate, what she describes as, ‘lazy’ and ‘irresponsible’ individuals from society.

Addressing the audience at an event recently , Kangana presented her case for making military training a mandatory component of every graduate’s education. In her view, this move would instill discipline and eradicate the traits of laziness and irresponsibility prevalent in today’s youth.

“We will get rid of these lazy and irresponsible people if military training is made compulsory in the country for every child after graduation. It will inculcate discipline in them,” the actress emphasized during her address.

The Manikarnika actress also took the opportunity to criticize celebrities who maintain relationships with individuals from countries considered adversaries by India.

She said, “Our soldiers ask when Bollywood is showcasing its love for the artistes of China and Pakistan, cricketers are hugging them, then am I the only one who thinks of them as enemies? Is the animosity between the two countries only for me? This is why we have made Tejas. It showcases how a soldier feels when people of the country talk behind his back while he is fighting at the border.”

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