Makers to celebrate Trikanya completing 30 days in cinema halls



Bhubaneswar: Anupam Patnaik directorial Women Centric movie Trikanya will complete thirty days in cinema halls on Friday.

To celebrate the occasion the makers will organise special screening and event at PVR multiplex , Utkal Kanika Galleria on Friday.

Informing about this Anupam Patnaik said ” We are completing 30 days tomorrow! The journey hasn’t been smooth, but we are overwhelmed to witness our film crossing this significant milestone! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has watched our film. Your support means the world to us. Here’s to the longevity of Odia cinema”

“Join us tomorrow as we celebrate the 30-day mark and get a chance to meet our cast and crew at PVR”

The movie which released on International Women’s Day, is doing well in cinema halls across the state.

Trikanya comprises three unique narratives, each portraying a different facet of women’s lives. These stories explore themes of companionship, motherhood, and the complexities of marital relationships. Each tale unfolds with its own secrets and revelations, offering a glimpse into the emotional journeys of the women at their core”

The film features a stellar cast, including Barsha Patnaik, Manoj Mishra, Aman, Sradha Panigrahi, Partha Sarathi Ray, Nishanth Majithia, Sukant Rath, Nivy, and Sijan Mohapatra.

Media Planner and Creative Head Pranay Jethi said that the director Anupam Patnaik previous movie Pratikshya won national award which showcase his credibility of making good socially relevant movies and we are happy that audience loved this movie too.

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