‘Maddhim’ A rare murder mystery Bhojpuri film in the offing


Unlike the traditional trend in Bhojpuri, a murder mystery film is being made, and shooting of the film is being done on Mud Island and other locations in Mumbai.

The shooting of the film ‘Maddhim’ is going on at several locations in Mumbai. The director of this film is Vimal Chandra Pandey. Actors like Anshuman Sharan Mishra, Aruna Giri are playing important roles along with famous actor and TV anchor Paritosh Tripathi in the film.

Bhojpuri films have a track record of their own. Most Bhojpuri films are either family-centric or comic. Action is also added to them. Usually, the producers and directors of Bhojpuri films do not muster the courage to move beyond this line.

They try to make films only with established actors in Bhojpuri films. Director Vimal Chandra Pandey is making a murder mystery film in Bhojpuri for the first time. It is a sci-fi film. He wrote it himself.

The shooting of the film ‘Madhim’ is going on in full swing. Apart from Bhojpuri, it is also dubbed in Hindi and Maithili. Anshuman Sharan Mishra is also playing an important role in this film. He said that such a film is being made in Bhojpuri for the first time. “This is a sci-fi murder mystery, and I am very happy to be a part of this project,” he said.

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