Kartik Aaryan reacts to Kangana Ranaut’s self-made comment


Recently at an award show, upcoming actor Kartik Aaryan was asked regarding Kangana Ranaut’s tweet on him. Kangana had appreciated the actor for following his own path in Bollywood, and not being ‘a part of any camp’.

Kartik has responded to Kangana calling him ‘self-made’ and ‘cool’. He said he has been a fan of Kangana’s work.  “I am thankful to her for appreciating me, and I have been a fan of her work. So it is a huge compliment when it comes from someone like her. So, thank you so much.”

Notably, while promoting her action flick Dhaakad’s in 2022, Kangana had said she was proud of Kartik. The actor had then responded to Kangana’s remark and said in a 2022 interview “I am really happy unhone aise kiya (she did that). I watched that bit from her press conference, where she said so. It feels amazing when appreciation comes from an actor like Kangana who’s so good at her craft.”

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