Janhvi Kapoor regrets missed moments


Mumbai: Actor Janhvi Kapoor recently disclosed her decision to keep a distance from her late mother, legendary actress Sridevi, during the filming of her debut movie, Dhadak.

Janhvi’s sentiments, shared in a heartfelt narrative, unveiled a profound regret for having denied Sridevi the chance to support her during this pivotal phase of her career.

During her debut film’s shoot in 2018, Janhvi Kapoor, driven by an acute consciousness regarding perceptions, deliberately maintained a distance from her iconic mother.

She expressed her apprehension about being viewed as securing her first film solely due to her lineage, stating, “I used to feel as if I had an unfair advantage because of being Sridevi’s daughter.”

The young actor admitted to actively discouraging Sridevi from visiting the sets or extending any form of assistance.
Janhvi’s decision stemmed from a desire to establish her own identity by contrasting her choices with her mother’s, believing it would be unjust to leverage Sridevi’s unparalleled expertise. She deeply regrets this decision, now acknowledging Sridevi’s eagerness to offer maternal guidance and support.

Reflecting on this, she remarked, “I am now very proud of being my parents’ daughter. That’s the truth.”

On the other hand, Janhvi is gearing up for the most awaited projects Devara, and Mr and Mrs Mahi.

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