I don’t care about social media validation: Saiyami


New Delhi: Actress Saiyami Kher, who portrayed the paraplegic sportsperson in Ghoomer, said she doesn’t give much importance to the social media validation, revealing her influences that have shaped her acting career.

Is social media validation important for the 29-year-old actress? Saiyami told IANS: “I don’t give much importance to social media validation. I take it with a pinch of salt — the love and hatred. The validation I look for is within my friends and family.”

“I also talk about Anurag Kashyap and R. Balki sir, they are like family. So the validation I look upto is of my directors, close friends and family, and my two acting coaches, who I always go to. So if they don’t like what I do then it really hurts,” said the Choked actress.

She further said: “I don’t really look at social media so much. But of course I try to improve things when I read social media comments, and I am told certain things. I look at it, try to improve but it doesn’t bother me too much.”
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