I am still learning, still lots to do: Sonalli


Bhubaneswar: Talented actress Sonalli Sharmisstha is getting rave reviews for her performance in recently released Odia move Jajabara 2.0 directed by Abhishek Swain where she played the role of bar singer Manini who tried to start a new journey”

The film has been directed by Swain and produced by Kaushik Das and Ram Patnaik and will start streaming at AAO NXT streaming platform from May 15 after successful completing it’s run in cinema hall.

It is a one night travel story made with a visual style portraying toxicity & internal conflicts of minds which seeks for redemption. It shows 3 nomads Jagat who seeks redemption from his past, Satya who seeks redemption from his own self & Manini who seeks redemption from the wicked city & how all of them are interlinked.

Talking about her character Sonalli said, “Manini is a singer who performs at bars. Starting a new journey in a good society is her goal. She is no longer willing to remain in a lower society.”

She thanked the director for giving her this opportunity to play this character which is very new for her

The film was appreciated by director Anurag Kashyap and others on which she said that she had met Anurag in Mumbai just a day before he appreciated the movie which was a very big thing.

Sonalli Sharmisstha, a dedicated and accomplished Indian actress, is known for her captivating performances that have left a lasting impact on the world of entertainment. Hailing from Jajpur, Odisha, her acting journey started at the age of 7 with street plays in her village, guided by her aunt.

With a natural talent for acting, Sonalli swiftly gained recognition for her ability to fully embody diverse roles and make characters come alive with authenticity. She is a self-taught actor who has worked in movies of various languages including Hindi, Oriya, Malayalam, Maithili, and Rajasthani.

Sonali as Manini in Jajabara 2.0

Some of her works include Kalira Atita (Yesterday’s Past), Delhi Crime, Tribhanga, Paani, Anthony, The Jengaburu Curse and many more.

Her portrayal of different characters not only displays her versatility but has also earned her praise from both audiences and peers.

In summary, Sonalli Sharmisstha’s journey from her early days in village street plays to her accomplishments in various languages highlights her as an actress with a distinctive blend of skill, dedication, and versatility in the world of entertainment.

With Vidyut Jamwal

After completing her engineering from Centurion university in Bhubaneswar, she shifted to Mumbai in 2017 and at the beginning she started working in some other private jobs and during that time she was not getting satisfaction so she started doing auditions, workshop and got her first big role in Nila Madhab Panda’s Kalira Atita which won national award which gave her big boost.

During her engineering, she took acting lessons to remove her shyness and that ignite acting in her although she had done street plays at early childhood.

About her journey, she said, “I am still in the learning stage as there is lot to learn and journey still continues . “

A resident of Mumbai now, Sonalli said the city gives you a chance to have a life with freedom but its also a hectic life.

About the roles, she said that at present she is at such a situation where she does not get a choice to choose from multiple roles but still she tries to not repeat the same.

“I tried to understand what the director wants and to change according to it,” she said.

Sonalli had worked in many art based movies in multiple languages on which she said that she felt comfortable in Art based movies as it gave her a unique experience although she tried to do TV commercials and commercial movie to sustain.

About future projects, she said there is Yash Raj Production Webseries as a primary character, then there are multiple movies in multiple languages where she is playing lead roles.

On Odia movies, she said till now she had worked in three Odia projects and she would do more good roles.

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