The Hindi film industry has lost the essence of togetherness. Sunil Shetty


Mumbai: Actor Suniel Shetty feels that with time, the Hindi film industry has lost out on the essence of togetherness as members of the film fraternity no longer stick with each other during rough patches.

In an episode of cooking reality show Star vs Food Survival, Sunil said while recalling the initial phase of his career, Sunil Shetty deep dives into how Bollywood no longer has each other’s back. He said: “We were always there for each other, we were there for the unions, we used to work together for associations – we had a united voice.”

He continued: “Today when people throw stones at you, there is no one to defend. No one can say anything because we all are alone. No one stands up for each other anymore. That voice hasn’t remained. Everything’s become weak.”

Speaking about his experience of shooting ‘Star vs. Food Survival’, Suniel Shetty said that it was a soulful journey filled with love, laughter, friendship and a deep sense of connection with nature.

Star Vs Food Survival will premiere October 9, 2023 on Discovery Channel and will stream on discovery+.

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